Artist as a Young Man

Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Carl Plansky, artist, teacher, paint maker, maintained studios in Brooklyn and East Meredith, New York and Budapest, Hungary. Born in Miami Beach, Plansky studied at Maryland Institute College of Art and moved to New York in 1970 to attend the New York Studio School. He also painted with artist Joan Mitchell, a friend and mentor, in her studio in Vetheuil, France, during the late 1970s and early 1980s.  His work was greatly influenced by Mitchell.

In addition, Plansky was associated with Grace Hartigan, Elaine deKooning, Milton Resnick and other abstract expressionist painters who offered encouragement and support in his early years as a painter in New York City. Plansky and Hartigan remained friends until her death in 2008.

Plansky’s paintings were drawn from direct observation, and revel in pitch-perfect color, compositional elegance, and highly expressive brushwork. Also a respected and influential teacher, he guided students at numerous colleges and universities as well as highly acclaimed art institutions, including a return to the New York Studio School in 2004 as a faculty member.

Portrait of Joan Mitchell by Carl Plansky

Upon his death in 2009 the artist left a significant number of paintings, drawings, and other works of art which now comprise the Carl Plansky Collection. His artwork is included in many public and private collections around the world.

Inside Plansky's Catskill studio the day after his death in 2009.

Carl Plansky  2009

Plansky's Budapest studio was located in this beautiful building.

Forever dedicated to the craft of oil painting, he began making small batches of handmade paints in the 1980s for himself and his artist friends. Artist Milton Resnick struck a deal with Plansky in which he would give Plansky his oil making equipment in exchange for Plansky providing paint for him for the balance of his life. The production of these paints would eventually lead to the formation of Williamsburg oil Paint for Artists, now widely regarded as one ot the premier oil paint makers in the world and used by some of the most respected artists working today.