Much of Plansky's collection is comprised of figures and drawings created using live models in his studios. When models were not available he picked flowers from his garden or purchased flowers from markets in Brooklyn and Budapest.

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Plansky may never be content with giving us a straight-ahead reclining nude or a rose in a vase; or with conveying the idyllic or the pastoral in his paintings.  His flowers can feel like monsters or severed limbs. And his trees can resemble lightning bolts or crucifixions. Yet he convinces us of his excitement before the motif not because we so forcefully feel the artist’s hand, which we do, but because the paintings reconnect us with light, air, and wind – with the various range of experiences we can feel when we stand before a vase of flowers, a grouping of trees, or in the nakedness of our own skins.   Lance Esplund, July 2004